setText("Janishar Ali"); emailTxt. We use fragments to make this. Share Comment. here is a nice tutorial where you can set it up. This article is also related to headers. In order to navigate between fragments using the navigation architecture component we will need to be able to show the relevant fragment to the user based on How to Add Fragment Destinations to a Navigation Graph in Android Studio 3. This video demonstrate how to add header layout and Hamburger icon for the android Navigation Drawer. Within your application you will. STEP 2: Create layouts for NavigationDrawer. Android Navigation Drawer is a sliding panel menu that is used to display major modules of the application. php on line 2245. One layout is for header, which provides title, image. design library. A Navigation Drawer Menu might be an overkill if you just offer two options in it. in first part i have created the main layout of the app so if you want to know about it head over to it. How to combine Navigation Drawer and Bottom Navigation in the same Activity in Kotlin. Adding navigation drawer, into the app is very simple. Navigation Menu appears on the android screen with a hamburger menu icon in the ActionBar. You might want to consider using a classic Toolbar menu. Done Close. January 3, 2021March 4, 2021 geekdroid No comments. Navigation Drawer Tutorial : In This Video, You Will Learn How to Integrate Navigation Drawer With Multiple Customize navigation drawer header and handle action in Android Studio. What I want to do is load the first fragment as soon as the app is opened? How can I do this? Just the same way you would add a fragment even if you weren't dealing with a navigation drawer. How to add firebase push notification in android. Either enter Content Or Record. I have created a project with the new navigation drawer Object. In this example we need to add one image in the drawable folder. How TO - Side Navigation. When you start the app now, you will notice that we can already open the navigaion drawer by swiping from the left of the screen. This isn't a traditional entry in the list of navigational controls, but since Android 9. Step 1: Set Header and Footer inside DrawerHeaderView and DrawerFooterView respectively. Navigation Drawer in Android creates a simple or standard Navigation menu in Application with the help of DrawerLayout as a parent layout and NavigationView widget. The Scaffold widget provides a consistent visual structure to apps that follow the Material Design Guidelines.